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About Our Projects    
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CapitOx Consulting Group (CCG) provides consulting services to Fortune 500/FTSE100 companies, start-ups, and leading non profit organizations to tackle real world business challenges. As Oxford’s most selective consulting group, we offer extensive training and professional development for our student consultants in partnership with industry-shaping consulting firms.

Past Clients

Consultant Experience

Career Advancement

Alongside working on the real projects, there are weekly opportunities for continued learning and career advancement. 


Each term, we host a series of workshops and networking events with firms such as McKinsey, BCG, Bain, Oliver Wyman, OC&C, and Newton to ensure that our consultants can learn skills and insights from industry professionals.


We also host social events, all paid for by CapitOx, including team dinners, junkyard golf, pub trips, ice skating, cocktail making classes, and more!


Student Consultants
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 ​At CCG, we welcome and encourage students from all backgrounds, courses, and experiences to apply! CCG recruits and runs on a termly basis. Applications for the Michaelmas Term 2023 Consulting Group will open three weeks prior to the start of term and will be due the week before week 0. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach us at

Learn With Us

CapitOx Consulting Bootcamp

CapitOx Consulting Group (CCG) provides superior training for students to prepare for consulting applications. During Michaelmas Term, we run bootcamp for students to tackle mini cases, which will be judged by the professionals in the consulting firms. Involvement in the bootcamp also provides access to firm presentations, CV and cover letter workshops, networking and social events, and application guidelines.


Global Case Competition

CapitOx Consulting Group (CCG) Global Case Competition provides an inclusive platform for students to explore consulting and business. Involvement in the case competition empowers participants to immerse themselves in the fundamentals of case, receiving feedback and mentorship from industry professionals, and network with like-minded university students from across the world. Best of all: the winning team will receive subscriptions to various consulting interview preparation software and programs, as well as a monetary prize!

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