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We work alongside top Investment Banks, Asset Managers, and Private Equity firms to ensure our students are well-prepared for a job in the finance industry. We support and develop students through putting on a host of inspiring talks; informative workshops and invaluable networking opportunities, working with a wide array of financial institutions and professionals.


Careers in consulting are highly sought-after and exceptionally competitive. They provide a graduate with unparalleled learning opportunities and future career prospects. We seek to open up this industry through partnering with a vast range of consulting firms, from the large and highly-prestigious global strategy consultancies to the elite boutique smaller companies, to put on exceptional events for our members. Recently, we have created the CapitOx Consulting Programme to allow interested students hands-on experience working with real clients – and receive mentoring from consultants in the process!


By bridging the gap between a career in finance and a future in entrepreneurship, Fintech opportunities have grown vastly in recent years. Global cities like London are now a hub for innovative opportunities to disrupt the finance sector. This Michaelmas, we will be hosting our inaugural “inspire” speaker series, where we will bring in start-up founders to speak about their experiences developing their fintech companies. This is designed to teach students some of the key ‘soft’ skills required to work in a fintech start-up environment.

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