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Welcome to CapitOx - Oxford's best society for finance, business, consulting and asset management. Our purpose is to serve our members – to help them pursue their dream career. We offer a wide range of educational and inspirational events throughout the year. Sign up to our newsletter now to stay in the loop!

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Interested in solving some of the business world’s most difficult problems? Want the opportunity to travel the world and work in diverse teams? Have a wide range of interests but aren’t exactly sure what you want to do? If the answer is yes to all of the above, consulting is for you! To maximise your chances of landing your desired consulting job or internship, come along to our consulting curriculum.











Asset Management

The aim of the asset management division is to provide members with the essential skills and experience necessary to become the successful investment managers of tomorrow. With a strong and active membership base, the division gathers together some of the most talented and dedicated finance-oriented students and provides them with the most conducive environment for the development of their passion and skills. It also aims to provide a forum for students to interact with some of the world’s most sought after graduate employers.

Investment Banking

The investment banking curriculum is currently under construction. If you believe you have the skills required to put together a course on the world of IB then please contact Christopher Huang via the committee page.






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