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At CapitOx we strive towards maximising value for our members by ensuring we are connected to the best financial services, consulting, and marketing firms. We offer the following capabilities to our sponsor firms to help their efforts in curating the best talent from Oxford. We ensure to develop a mutually beneficial relationship via:

Work With Us

Direct access to top talent

CapitOx has a membership base of over 3,200 undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Oxford. We offer sponsors the opportunity to connect with and recruit directly from this talented pool of students.

Work With Us

Increased Brand Awareness

We offer sponsors the opportunity to increase their visibility by hosting events, sponsoring competitions or programs, and advertising opportunities directly to CapitOx members.

Work With Us

Customized Partnership

CapitOx works with sponsors to create customised partnership agreements that meet their specific needs and goals. This includes tailored advertising opportunities, event sponsorships, and access to CapitOx programs and initiatives.

We Do All of the Above Through

 Targeted flagship events including recruitment events, speaker events, virtual events, or workshops

Our newsletter (4,200+ active members with an open rate of 40%, double the industry average of 20%), 

Our social media with an average of 2,000 members reached, and features in our “Access Careers” Booklet

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