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Meet the Senior Committee of CapitOx

Tom Marsden


Maxance de Lardemelle


Minty Rowland

MD of Development

Jun Wha

MD of Development

James Yuan

MD of Consulting

Si Rui Lai

MD of Finance

CapitOx Alumni Association

For Students & Graduates

All students and graduates who are/were active in the following are welcome to join: CapitOx Consulting Group, CapitOx Finance, CapitOx Development, CapitOx Fund, CapitOx Committee, CapitOx M&A, Directors, Consultants, Bootcamp, and Finance Academy participants.

Thank you to our previous committee members.

• Dr. John Ho, Founder & President (2008)

• Adya Manoj, President (2023)

• Tom Taylor, President (2022)

• Eu Ro Wang, President (2021)

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