The programme is designed to give selected students an interactive insight into the world of investment banking, providing key technical skills and valuable experience for spring weeks, summer internships, and graduate roles.

CapitOx M&A Group


Throughout the process, applicants can expect to work in close deal teams, with each team paired with an experienced advisor to provide guidance and mentorship.


Analysts can expect to hone skills in valuation methodologies such as comparables analysis and DCFs, while developing M&A specific technical skill sets such as merger modelling and formation of proposed deal structures.

Final Project

This will culminate in a final end-of-term presentation of a pitchbook to current industry professionals, with previous judges coming from Goldman Sachs, BofA, and Greenhill. Interested? Apply below.

M&A Academy

The M&A Academy, which runs every Michaelmas, introduces students to the financial services industry and equips them with the skills to obtain spring weeks, summer internships, and graduate roles. The members are taught financial modelling and analysis as well as pitchbook creation. Our inaugural MT21 Academy hosted 11 events with partner firms such as Point72, Amplify Trading, and Lazard.

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