CapitOx Channel

An immersive 6-week experience, inviting a carefully selected cohort of 8-10 aspiring analysts

CapitOx Connect

Three-part access series at the start of each year, introducing students to career opportunities at CapitOx.


We are looking for ambassadors from every college to expand an interest in finance and consulting

CapitOx Channel

We present an immersive 6-week experience, inviting a carefully selected cohort of 8-10 aspiring analysts to embark on a transformative exploration of modern marketing and digital strategies. In addition to industry experts offering their mentorship, the program culminates in a program-wide competition. 

With an unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation, CapitOx Channel empowers participants with essential skills and hands-on experience to excel in today's dynamic marketing landscape, awarding participants with marketing certification upon completion. 


Embracing the Evolution

CapitOx Channel transcends traditional learning models by immersing participants in a journey that combines theoretical insights with hands-on applications. This program is tailored for individuals with a passion for innovation and a desire to master strategic marketing techniques in the digital era.

Introduction to
Marketing & Branding


Analytics &

Marketing Communication and Sales Strategies

Marketing in
Today’s World

Hands-On Experience
Mentorship & Networking
Impact & Beyond

CapitOx Chnnel thrives on experiential learning. Participants engage in real-world projects, tackle industry-specific case studies, and develop marketing campaigns from concept to execution. This practical approach enables participants to apply theoretical knowledge to real scenarios, fostering critical thinking and creativity.

Participants are matched with seasoned mentors from the marketing industry. These mentors provide personalized guidance, share their expertise, and offer valuable career insights, creating a network of connections that extend beyond the bootcamp.

Upon completing CapitOx Channel, participants emerge as proficient analysts armed with practical skills and a deep understanding of modern marketing and digital strategies. They leave the program equipped with a portfolio showcasing their hands-on projects, a network of industry contacts, and the confidence to drive successful marketing initiatives.

CapitOx Connect


Black, Asian,
Minority Ethnic*

Studying STEM



CapitOx is Built upon diversity, equity, and inclusion.

At CapitOx Consulting and Finance, we actively welcome diverse perspectives, ensure equal opportunities, and create an inclusive environment where all members feel valued and empowered. DEI isn't just a statement here – it's the essence of who we are and how we thrive as a united community.


Access Series

CapitOx Connect hosts a three-part access series at the start of each year, introducing any and all students to the career opportunities at CapitOx, how to secure spring weeks and internships, as well as Q&A sessions with successful CapitOx Alumni. In addition to these events, in order to improve access on a broader scale, CapitOx Connect has hosted the following events in the last year alone

  • Collaboration with Oxford Women in Business AmplifyMe Accelerator
  • Collaboration with 93% Boston Consulting Group Healthcare Consulting Workshop
  • Collaboration with 93% Teneo Consulting Vice President Guest Speaker
  • Societe Generale Women in Finance Recruitment Dinner
  • Women in Finance Social 


Building Connections

If your society shares our values and aims to contribute to our shared mission, we invite you to consider partnering with us. Together, we can explore innovative ways to break down barriers and amplify access, making a positive impact on our members' experiences.

To initiate partnership, please reach out to us at We look forward to discussing potential avenues for collaboration and learning more about your society's goals.

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Get Involved

CapitOx Ambassadors

We are looking for ambassadors from every college to help us reach more people with an interest in finance and consulting! This is a great opportunity for you to join our team and connect with many like-minded, ambitious individuals, as well as get free tickets to our exclusive events! This form is rolling and will close once positions are filled (2 ambassadors per JCR/MCR).

Priority tickets to President's Drinks
• Early access to committee, consulting, investment fund, and M&A applications when possible
• Extra internal consideration for positions applicable
• Termly ambassador socials 
• Insider access within events as a logistics coordinator (early meet-and-greets with guests, post-event drinks)

Social Content

Reposts of our upcoming events onto JCR/MCR pages and groups, repost instagram content, interact with LinkedIn content


Act as a logistics coordinator for at least 1 event every year (aid in the set up, ticket reception, clean-up, etc)

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