The Committee

Welcome to the committee page for the year 2017/2018. If you wish to contact any of the committee then you may use the contact form linked in the button. Alternatively they are contactable via the icons below their photos.

President of CapitOx Finance and Business Society

Christopher Huang,

Samuel White,
Director of Marketing & Expansion

Konstantin Friege,
Director of Conference

Hanna Schnitzer - CapitOx Head of Speakers

Hanna Schnitzer,
Head of Speakers

Thomas Goodey,
Director of Logistics

Jek Jin Woo,
Director of Academy

Mark Xiang Chin - CapitOx Management Consultant

Mark Xiang Chin,
Head of Asset Management

William Lai- CapitOx Head of Consulting Curriculum

William Lai,
Head of Consulting

Oliver Woodhall,
Head of Investment Banking

Justin Lee Khay Cheong - CapitOx Sponsorship Representative

Justin Lee Khay Cheong,
Sponsorship Representative

Jack Xiaoyu Chen - CapitOx Conference Panel Coordinator

Jack Xiaoyu Chen,
Conference Panel Coordinator

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