About Us

CapitOx was formed in Februrary 2008 as a means for Oxford students with an interest in banking to come together to share their experiences and knowledge of the industry and to form a relationship between Oxford and the corporate world. Since then CapitOx has expanded its scope with the creation of the Oxford Asset Management and Oxford Consulting divisions providing a place for students interested in all areas of finance and consulting to converge and discuss their ideas.

Our Events

Every year we run a plethora of events for our members. Whether it be CV clinics, interview workshops, or our standout annual conference - we aim to educate and expand the knowledge of the individuals in our society.











Our Curricula

Running throughout the year we have our three curricula: Investment Banking, Asset Management & Consulting. These provide sets of speaker series and accompanying workshops that will help springboard your career and introduce you to the corporate world.


In order to get access to all of the wonderful events you can follow us on social media (links in the footer). Even easier however is to sign up to our mailing list below.

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